July 2016

Introducing Stealth Magazine

Second Issue / Highway


For the second issue of Stealth, the theme of the HIGHWAY serves as a backdrop. It is an ironic and conceptual metaphor from which to reflect on the contemporary hyper status of street culture in fashion, music and art. From the street to the highway. From the suburban neighborhood to the city center. From LA to Paris. The street is now the highway. The highway is now the airport runway. We asked three cultural voices that emerged from the niches of street culture to share their different visual mythologies with us, whether in the form of recent iPhone snapshots or of a body of work. The contributions all share the same lo-fi spontaneity that comes from the pages of a diary, of something made along the way.


– Misha Hollenbach

– Cali Thornhill DeWitt

– Virgil Abloh


A project by Giorgio di Salvo

Art direction, design and font design by 2015.vision Tommaso Garner and Daniel Sansavini


text by Chiara Clarke Siravo


printed in june 2016 theunitedstandard.com