November 2015

Misha Hollenbach & Cali Thornhill DeWitt

Born from the fire, and straight into the fire, Cali Thornhill Dewitt and Misha Hollenbach’s new artists’ collaboration is hot.


Featuring a series of gestural, energetic and quick paintings by Misha Hollenbach, coupled with the words of Cali Thornhill Dewitt, these works were presented for the first time printed as a broadsheet for the NY Book Fair 2015. (Edition 500)


Each of the 12 loose sheets is a poster, and when collated into book form, words and image are (seamlessly) cut up allow new combinations. A kind of random or DIY poetry.


The paintings, painted on newsprint, & made exclusively for the publication, and now screen printed w words, have been commissioned by Luca Benini, turning the elements made for printing (back) into original artworks.


These works are the basis for a continuing dialogue between the two artists.