September 2014

Erik Brunetti

Before streetwear had a name, FUCT existed.

Originating in the 1990s, the brand’s direct and intertwined relationship with the skate culture cemented their loyal following early on and propelled them into an almost cult-like status.


Driven by the provocative vision of its creator, artist Erik Brunetti, FUCT has since become one of the most influential american streetwear labels.


As an arbiter of street fashion, FUCT is famous for appropriating the iconic logos and movie stills that have become ingrained into american culture, and transforming them into “carefully constructed, controversy-stirring images,” as brunetti himself states in the introduction of the book FUCT, published by Rizzoli New York.


The brand has collaborated with a diverse list of companies, artists, and designers on their images and advertising, which has kept their creative output relevant, straddling the line between controversial yet appealing.


Reflecting on the brand, filmmaker Aaron Rose elaborates, saying, “FUCT developed a look and a style that personified youth rebellion and anti-authority, but with a serious stylish twist.”


As they continue to flirt with controversy, FUCT has come to embody the very archetype of American counterculture.